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General Conditions

This website is property of Mission Nanny (Agency).

This website contains overall and initial information about Mission Nanny services, links to other useful websites. No information published on the website of Mission Nanny should be construed as proposing or advising any purchase of products or services of the Agency. Visitors interested in certain services mentioned on the website should kindly enquire about them with Mission Nanny using the contacts mentioned on the website.

Mission Nanny retains the right to change conditions posted on this website without prior advice. By accessing Mission Nanny website and all items and information on it, information service users confirm that they have read and understood the conditions of use and that they agree with them.


Mission Nanny shall undertake all reasonable and possible actions to present timely and precise information on its services, but shall not be liable for any untoward consequences of omissions or imprecision, including direct or indirect incidents or lasting or other damage that might be claimed to have occurred as a result of access to this website.

Mission Nanny shall not be liable for the manner in which clients might understand or interpret information on this website.

Mission Nanny does not guarantee uninterrupted and problem-free access to this website.

Personal Data Protection Guarantee

Mission Nanny shall take reasonable care and shall undertake due action to protect personal data provided by website visitors online through completed forms or electronic correspondence.


Mission Nanny places great significance on protecting clients’ personal data. We guard the confidentiality of your data.

Mission Nanny advises you to use firewall and regularly updated antivirus software. The firewall is software designed to prevent unauthorized access to your computer or private network and may be set to advise you of attempts to gain unauthorized access to your system. Antivirus software prevents infection by computer viruses and other malware and removes them from your computer. Update your antivirus software regularly.


Website users shall not change, copy, publish, sell or license all or any part of the content of this website and shall not use it for any public or commercial purpose, save to promote services of the Agency.

Mission Nanny provides the information structure and content of this website.

Website design and programming by Agency.

The contents of this website and the technology used in it are protected by the Copyright and Related Rights Act. All Agency services, articles, publications, reports, images (logotypes), interviews, and other text, graphic and video materials, published on the website are the property of Mission Nanny save where expressly stated otherwise. Texts from this site may be distributed solely subject to their source being cited and a link to www.missionnanny.com being included. The use of graphic and other (text) materials published on the website is strictly prohibited. Infringers are subject to sanction.